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We are your number one solution for overcoming cultural and religious barriers challenging you and your clients. We have helped many of our clients develop rapport in the communities they serve as well as educate providers on how to navigate culturally diverse environments.


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About Our Company

Our consultants carry with them years of experience in the social service field and strong expertise in their respective niches. We have successfully helped many service providers address difficult and confusing situations in regards to cultural competency with their clients.

Our services currently branch into two main offerings; Individual/Group Case Consultations and Staff Training.

With Case Consultations, our consultants will work side by side with you and offer guidance on how to navigate the nuances in the Somali culture or the Muslim religion.

Our trainings provide an opportunity to educate your employees on how to navigate the cultural or religious barriers they face in the field.

We are constantly expanding our offerings and are flexible to fill our clients needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns with regards to your company’s needs.  We would love to chat with you about a potential solution or help you find the resources you need!

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Our Services

Case Consultation

Our consultants will help you on your individual cases to work through the cultural barriers with your clients, using our expertise in their niche community.

Staff Training

We have developed in-depth training that lays out the nuances and important background information for the Somali and Muslim culture and how to address them, helping your employees foster stronger relationships with their clients.


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